If Someone Offered You a Million Dollars Each To Sleep With Your Spouse, Would You Take The Money?” Is Your Love For Your Man/Woman Greater Then The Love For Money? What Are YOUR Thoughts? Here Are Mine…

March 26, 2014 The Brownstone Center 950 comments

For all of you who have not seen the old movie “Indecent Proposal” I’m sure this is crazy question to you, but every now and then you get this question asked and you get very mixed reactions to the question. In this economy you will be surprised what people will do for money. Just think about the moral of the story. What do you guys think?

You and your spouse are enjoying a romantic night out on the town. This VERY wealthy, VERY attractive person walks up to you and proposes that they will give you both “One Million Dollars Cash Money” for one night of passion with your spouse. What would your reaction be? Would the two of you think about it a bit, then say.. well.. a million dollars each is a lot of money, so if its only once, I guess yeah sure why not? Or Hell no! I wouldn’t let that happen if you offered 10 million dollars!!

I think that, under the right circumstances and for the right amount, almost anyone would have sex – and let’s assume it’s safe sex – for enough money. Maybe when I was young and dumb I would have considered it. But in all reality, I can’t and I won’t. Simply because I’m not for sale and money can’t just buy everything. All kidding aside, I have respect for myself and my significant other and I cannot let someone’s money ruin my pride and dignity or relationship for any amount. It is not worth it and it is very down-grading to me to sell myself for any amount of money. Money is not everything and money cannot save my life or my soul. I will just have to be content with buying some lottery tickets instead. LOL!! But that’s just my humble opinion…what about you Corner family?

Let’s get some honest answers to this age old question of Indecent Proposal Corner! What are your Thoughts? What would YOU do?