“God said no.” – Derek Harper

Poor Derek Harper, playing point guard for my beloved Knicks said that back in 1995 about Patrick Ewing’s infamous fingeroll at the end of Game 7 of the Knicks-Pacers series.  Knicks down one, with the series on the line, the ball in the hands of their best player watched the series roll around and out of the rim, sending them to defeat against the hated Pacers.
It’s just never meant to be.  When the Universe moves, you just have to go with it.
It’s time for me to accept what will never be.
I would say parting is such sweet sorrow, but, we’ve never met.  I say this in 2014 to the Maple Bacon Donut that’s served up at the Nickel Diner in Downtown LA.  If you know anything about me past my first name, you know of my love for bacon.  And even if you don’t know me, you do know bacon, aka, the greatest thing of anything ever.  Ask anyone about this creation and you are forced to accept that it’s deliciousness is not mere opinion, but, a Universal Truth.  I knew I had to have one.  Fate, however, is a fickle lady.
The first time I ordered this thing.  I arrived just as the restaurant was closing, and they ran out.  As they often do.  It’s that good.  Says EVERYONE.  The second time, I ordered it just as I was finishing lunch, thinking I’d take it home.  However, one too many mimosas later, I had left it behind.  The third time (the charm right?) I was…engrossed in a heated conversation…with a member of the unfairer sex (yeah, that’s the PC way to put it) and once again, my focus slipped and I left a man on the battlefield.
I’m a stubborn, stubborn dude.  I don’t give up easily.  So if the third time is the charm, the fourth time is a sure bet, right? I got the donut.  I ordered it before my meal.  Once again thinking I’d secure it first to guarantee it’s safe passage through my palette, later in the day.  I pay for the meal.  And leave a tip that leaves me with just enough cash to pay for the cash only parking garage.  Six bucks.  The meal over, my focus intensified on not forgetting my prize.
I grab the donut up before I grab my laptop.  I can’t believe it, I’m walking out donut in arm. A few knowing glances and headnods from the other customers come my way as I walk out.  The sun was shining.
“This IS a good day” I thought to myself.
I get about 20 feet from the parking garage, about to make my escape with the goodies.
“Do you have anything to eat?” says a seriously hungry looking homeless lady.
“If I had a dollar to spare in my pocket, I’d give it to her.” I thought as I walked past her……
Then I realized, she did just ask for something to eat.
“Here’s a Maple Bacon Donut” I told her.  “I hear they’re delicious.”
I learned a few seconds later as I retrieved my keys the parking was only $5.
See You Around The Corner.
Much luck, Justin Tuck!